The Studios

Take a closer look inside our studios

We now have 3 live rooms
All 3 rehearsal spaces are fully air conditioned – studio 1 is large enough to accommodate a 6-7 piece band, studio 2 & studio 3 up to 5/6 piece band and all are complete with:

  • Static Pearl export drum kit (please bring your own cymbals/snare) – we have sufficient equipment to simultaneously MIC both kits for recording
  • Guitar amps c’w with capability to DI/mic cabs
  • Bass amp with DI capability – studio 1 also has connectivity to a 15″ sub woofer
  • Internet linked TV for song research which is connected to PA so playing along to a song is possible.  It is also possible to display lyrics on something large enough to be able to read!!
  • Multiple vocal microphones
  • Wired to cope with just about any set-up via patch panel/passive switcher to rehearsal desk
  • Full PA plus monitoring
  • Room condensor mics for ambient recording

One of our team will set-up your levels and show you how/where they can be tweaked then the rehearsal room is all yours until you are finished.

Control Room

  • Studio 1 is pre-wired conventionally ready for either our own 2 x 20 channel 32/32 Soundcraft digital desk or customer desk (if dry hired) –
  • All studios can be used for direct digital recording or use as simultaneous recording booths
  • Carillon editing PC
  • Full editing software suite
  • Connectivity to headphone amplifier – 8 in studio 1 plus sufficient connectivity for a friend plus the sound engineer in the control room

Remote Recordings

  • 2 x rack mounted 20 channel Soundcraft digital desks which we can live stream to a memory stick
  • Rack mounted 16 channel MIC spliiters so you can still run your usual FOH mixing desk/PA set-up whilst we seperately multitrack record you live
  • Rack mounted iive speaker/monitor switchers – we can connect our recording desk in parallel to your FOH mixing desk and if the worst were to happen and your mixer fail, we can seamlessly switch the speaker/monitor feeds over to our desk as an emergnecy standby