We are a friendly recording studio located in a semi rural location just outside Sturry in Canterbury, Kent with 2 fully air conditioned rehearsal/recording rooms.

We also host a number of local live music nights either collaboratively with other organisations or in our own right. The live music nights we host provide a platform for acts that rehearse with us to showcase their talents and as such we host original music and covers band nights locally.

Our aim is to provide an affordable, quality location for music rehearsals and to provide recording services in a nice location and without all the usual fuss an hassle.

Our fully air conditioned rehearsal rooms are fully kitted out with a full back line and designed so that you can walk in, plug in and be rehearsing in 15 minutes or less. This means more of your rehearsal time is spent rehearsing rather than setting up.

We are of course more than happy to cater for those who prefer to use their own equipment and clear the unwanted rehearsal equipment to one side as a back-up just in case.

Tea and coffee making facilities are available on site and are provided with an honesty pot for communal contribution.

As well as recording facilities here at the studio we also offer external sound engineering services including the ability to multi-track record live performances directly to memory stick for mixing later (either by ourselves or by someone of your choosing) – please contact us to discuss this in more depth.

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We have hosted some of Kent’s finest covers bands as well as musicians who play original material and are well versed in providing the set-up that you require – in our experience too many sound engineers try to provide the sound they want and over produce/edit rather than listen to what the musicians want which in our experience tends to be more of a live feel.


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